Every landscape design project we undertake is unique. Each project has a vast range of individual requirements. Below will help you understand the steps involved in producing your landscape plans.


On receipt of your enquiry we promptly reply and arrange a mutual time to discuss your project over the phone. We will ask a range of important questions that will enable us to understand the scope of your project. From this initial communication we can determine whether an onsite consultation is required to view the site and conduct a formal design brief.


Onsite consultations generally take 90 minutes. At the consultation we view the site, take any necessary photos or video, discuss in detail the scope of the project and budget, review any inspiration images you may have collected & notate a very detailed overview of all the elements required in your landscape design.

We also discuss with you the level of planning required to successfully complete your project in preparation of construction. From here, we review all the information and draft our fee proposal for your consideration.


When arranging our fee proposal, we carefully consider what is required to successfully design a very unique space based upon the design brief & consultation previously conducted. It is equally important that we deliver you a competitive proposal that meets the requirements of budget while delivering a successful project outcome. The fee proposal will outline what you will receive from us, what we will require from you and the terms of payment and drawing schedule release. It is a very exciting time for all parties when you accept our fee proposal. With that acceptance, we commence a journey together to develop a very unique, practical and inspiring landscape design that for many years post construction will deliver you years of memorable, peaceful and happy memories.


This is the first drawing submitted to the client. The drawing is only used to communicate the direction the design is heading in a very broad sense, and to evoke comment from the client. The client will review the sketch drawing & suggest any proposed changes they may require. We take time to discuss the design intent with our client prior to developing the landscape Masterplan.


The masterplan outlines the overall design intent. It broadly outlines the elements within the design and showcases the overall ‘Concept’. It does not represent detail or construction drawings and is an artist representation of the true potential of the project. This is the first major drawing of a potential library of project drawings dependent upon the requirements of design commissioned in the fee proposal.


The horticultural design outlines plant species to be used, plant locality, plant numbers, proposed purchase size, comprehensive plant schedule with information detailing mature size as spread and any specific information relating to the way we would like the plant to be maintained. We also provide on the drawing planting details & plant images.


Structural plans cover a range of drawings essential for the project to be successfully constructed as designed. They are also critical for the council approval process. Some specific drawings we may outsource due to their need of specialist requirements, such as structural engineering or drafting of major structures.


The material pallet illustrates all the proposed finishes & documents specific suppliers for the project.

In many cases we will be required to outsource specialist drawings. This is very dependent upon the scale and complexity of the project. These drawings may include but not limited to:

  • Structural engineering
  • Building architecture
  • General structural drafting.
  • Complex irrigation design
  • Electrical & lighting design


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