Designing your dream outdoor space with us – The Essential Guide!

It’s a very exciting day when you make the decision to take charge of your outdoor space and develop a place of peace, relaxation, entertainment & the platform for countless life memories.

In this article I will give you some insight on how to start the journey with us, important steps to consider,  and how we build a partnership with you to achieve your goals.

Do you Design Just in Queensland?

No, we design for clients all over Australia from our Noosaville office. We have many projects across the country we are working on from the Sunshine Coast to Sydney & beyond.

The Design Brief – The most important first step.

Understanding your project in detail is the first and most important step of our process. After you initially make contact with us, we arrange a meeting to take a detailed design brief. In the new age of Covid-19 we are conducting phone, Zoom or Skype meetings from our Noosaville office located at ‘The Space’ just a stones throw away from Gympie Terrace and the beautiful Noosa River. In this meeting we ask a range of questions critical to the success of your project. All consultations in our office or the phone, Zoom or Skype are free. If you choose to have us come out on site, there is a small fee charged that will be deducted off the cost of your design drawings.

What are the costs to develop my landscape design drawings?

Every single project is unique. Each project has a range of factors that determine how much time we require to develop the drawings. We consider the scale of the project, the detail that is required in the drawings, the overall construction budget and other services we support you with when providing a very competitive fee proposal to you. Costs that are not included in our proposal are clearly outlined. This may included, but not limited by, structural or hydraulic engineering, town planning, certification expenses or specialist services. Ultimately we work with you to proved the most affordable and competitive cost structure. Payments are made via instalments at the completion of each stage of the design.

Do I need to know my budget?

Absolutely! It is critical that you have some idea of how much you want to spend developing your outdoor space. This allows us to discuss with you the potential costs associated with elements that you wish included in your design. Some clients are not ready to construct and engage us to develop a Masterplan so they can view the potential of their outdoor space. Clients who engage this service become so excited over the potential of their new design that ultimately fast track the construction drawings.

What do you require from us?

Firstly, your enthusiasm! We then require our fee proposal signed and returned with the initial deposit paid to engage our services. Other important items we require are as follows:

  • A contemporary site plan. If you do not have a current site plan we require a registered surveyor to survey the site and show contours, spot elevations, building locations and any essential services currently onsite. All new builds will have this information. If you have an older home a survey may be required. Survey costs are paid directly to the Surveyor and are operate costs not included in our fee proposal.
  • Architectural plans. Having a set of building plans will be a added benefit to our design process.
  • Your availability to have meetings discussing the direction of the project.

What are a standard set of drawings?

A standard set of drawings contains, but are not limited by the following:

  1. Site Analysis.
  2. Sketch Layout for initial discussion.
  3. Masterplan.
  4. Visualisations.
  5. Horticultural Design.
  6. Horticultural Detailing.
  7. Proposed Site Set-out.
  8. Proposed Levels.
  9. Elevations or details.
  10. Material Pallet.
  11. Specifications.

Other drawings that may be engaged are:

  1. Lighting Design.
  2. In depth Irrigation Design.
  3. Formal building design (complex outdoor rooms etc.).

Do you assit us with contractor or product selection?

Absolutely! We work with qualified contractors and specialists that produce absolute quality in their field.

What other services can you provide?

We have a range of superb specialists and suppliers we work with. Specialists or supporting services include:

  • Interior and Exterior Styling.
  • Your own project board at The Outdoor Design Store.
  • Your own project inspiration board on Pinterest.
  • Outdoor furniture design & manufacture.
  • Organisation of plant supply and maintenance.
  • Horticultural and design consultancy.

Managing your project

To guarantee a successful project we work closely with you, the contractors and project specialists right through the construction phase to hand over. I still have clients call today to discuss their garden or to generally have a catch up. We build strong relationships with our clients and countless have become long term friends.

Ready to start the process?

We would be very excited to speak to you and help develop your ultimate outdoor space. Contact us today to arrange a consultation, the first step towards living in your own paradise.

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