Benefits of Dementia Gardens

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With over 353,800 Australians currently living with dementia and that number predicted to increase to well over 400’000 in the next 5 years, research indicates that physical & visual access to nature can provide the following positive impacts in individuals living with dementia.

  • Helps people recover from illness quicker.
  • Reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.
  • Helps a person maintain circadian rhythms.
  • Aids in the natural absorption of vitamin D when exposed to sunlight for brief periods of time, which is important for maintaining strong bones.
  • Promotes physical fitness and brain function.
  • Promotes wellbeing and a reduction of stress and anxiety.

Studies have indicated how exercise, maintaining a level of physical fitness & mood can have a positive affect on people living with dementia. More studies are required to demonstrate the effectiveness of alternative therapies.

A garden is a sensory environment that provides a place of quiet beauty and mental rejuvenation that can assist in enhancing quality of life for those people living with dementia.

Our friends at Therapeutic Gardens have a superb article on the benefits that nature can provide for those living with dementia and we have provided the link below:

For more information on dementia and caring for a loved one with dementia, go to:

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